Signs of a Bad Demolition Contractor

Whenever you hire any type of contractor, you will always face risks. However, this is much more true when it comes to a demolition contractor. Hiring the first contractor you find and not covering your bases isn’t the best method. It is always important that you take care in the selection and interview process.

To help you, here are a couple of signs to look for that might indicate unreliable demolition contractors Hamilton Ontario:

A Nonexistent or Vague Contract

When hiring a contractor, one of the most expensive and major errors a homeowner can make is failing to get everything in writing. It might appear overwhelming since the contractor is supposed to be the professional. However, you should not ignore anything. A reliable contractor will welcome your requests to write down things and answer all of your questions. Create a long list of details to nail down before you choose to hire the contractor for your demolition project. A contract is a legal bind. It’s the go-to document after you sign it. A contract should include important things at a minimum. This includes:

  • A clear payment schedule. Typically, you’ll pay a particular amount of the overall cost upfront. After that, you’ll pay for the work once it’s done.
  • A quote and the materials or work that the quote includes.
  • Payment schedule and budget.
  • A procedure for managing any changes that might happen, whether due to cancellations, unforeseen problems, or new work orders.
  • Start date of the project and expected date of completion. You should outline different completion dates for every phase of the project if your project is on the more complicated and bigger side. With this, ensure you stay on track with the project.
  • An in-depth description of the project. This includes who will be at the job site, the equipment or materials that will be used, and the scope of the work.

Can’t Verify References

Every person out there wants to believe that every contractor is reliable, direct, good, and honest. However, that is obviously not the case. You have to do your homework rather than hiring a contractor solely based on face value or his word. You shouldn’t be scared to ask for a list of references that you could contact. It might be a sign that you have to look for another contractor if they refuse to give you a list of references from previous works or if they present you with excuses. If they do give you a list of referrals, you should take the time to ask particular questions and make phone calls. You shouldn’t simply ask general questions. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you recommend them?
  • Were they easy to communicate with?
  • Did they finish the project within the budget?
  • Was the project done on time and to your satisfaction?
  • Did they follow the conditions and terms of the contract?
  • What was your total experience like?
  • What project did they provide?

You should ask questions that you think are relevant. This will help you figure out the professionalism and skills of the contractor.